The quality and environmental management system of ART ML OÜ is built in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, AQAP-2110 and ISO 14001, and the scope of the management system is Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. Industrial painting.

The activity of ART ML OÜ is characterised by the following guiding principles:

  • The customer is satisfied with the ART ML service and it has been achieved in a cost-effective way.

  • Each ART ML employee is a professional in their field and understands the impact of their work on the entire whole.

  • We strive to consistently improve the functioning of the ART ML management system.

  • We comply with the laws and regulations governing the ART ML business field.

  • We are constantly improving the environmental performance of ART ML.

  • We work consistently to prevent environmental pollution, taking into account the impact of activities on the environment and the generation of waste.

  • We instruct ART ML employees to use safe work methods and be environmentally conscious.


Major environmental aspects of ART ML OÜ:

  • Use of heavy fuel oil for heating production premises in a local boiler house.

  • Emissions of NO2, CO, SO2, CO2, heavy metals into the ambient air during combustion of heave fuel oil in a local boiler house.

  • Emissions of sand dust and paint residues into the ambient air during sandblasting of metal surfaces.

  • Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the ambient air during painting of the vehicles.